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Disrupt or Be Disrupted has been the mantra of the last stage of technological transformation, the km current stage after the release of ChatGPT on 30th Nov 2022 is Adopt the Insane or Descend into Insanity. You will become irrelevant even before you realize. The world today is positioned at this crossroad, the future trajectory taken would decide the future of mankind. Text to image has gained a level of maturity already, text to video is moving in the direction of gaining maturity, it’s just a matter of time that it becomes commercially usable and useful. Now new AI VideoGPT shocks the whole industry. After another week of various releases, this AI baby is making waves.

If it were not for the current AI Insane Age, nobody would have believed this even in an sci-fi movie. VideoGPT is a tool where you will be able to chat with the video. Suffice to say, as in the other case of this genre you would be able to do so with the help of an AI Agent. The first demos have been released. Open GV Lab has released this demo and showcases the capabilities it has been able to achieve in such a short time. What is fascinating about these tools both in the development and the ones which have hit the market, quite a lot have been created post the release of ChatGPT and GPT-4 coming to use.

Three videos demos put forth for scrutiny; one in which a panda is eating leaves, second, a woman doing yoga on a roof top, and third one in which the elephant is drawing. In the Panda video the AI Agent was asked about a person eating leaves, and it clarified immediately it was Panda. It knows what is exactly happening in the videos, the capability of gauging emotions is pretty matured to start with. You need emotional intellect to understand such questions, crawl through the video and provide the right answer. The AI tool is able to understand the nature of activity in the lady doing yoga, the backdrop and why it feels that it was being done on a rooftop. All answers correct. We are not able to find any disconnect.

All answers for questions raised on the elephant painting were answered correctly. Not denying that is just the demo version and would take some effort to reach commercial scale, there is no denying the fact that it is moving in the right direction. You will not be able gaslight it. A storyblocks video was also downloaded by the presenter and put the tool to test. The answers were correct with one odd minor discrepancy. The tool goes a little awry when it comes to a video without proper lighting. This tool can have wide and varied applications from video analytics type of a job on the fly to giving the details of an obscure video, which the user is not able to make out. The AI tool with its vast knowledge, experience and things seen, will certainly add a new pathbreaking dimension to way we use and understand videos today.

Sanjay Sahay

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