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Given the convenience this technology provides over our traditional telephony and freedom from the enslavement of the telecommunication companies, it could be the next game changer in communications technology. This has been in vogue for quite some time and is being used in a variety of formats, coexisting with the most of the normal systems of telephony as it exists today. That it has the promise to take over all communications is to state the obvious. Voice over Internet Protocol might still take a large number of people by surprise, given the technicality of the name.

In simple terms it basically allows to call and talk to someone, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. With VoIP you will be able to avoid all problems with regular cell and landline service including high international calling fees and limited hours. The WhatsApp revolution is already on. We are moving in the VoIP direction of repositioning it in the right place while ironing out the bottlenecks as we encounter them. In 2021, it is estimated that around 26% of UK homes have given up on their landlines completely. It has meant a huge loss for these companies.

To make good the loss, they hike prices and the remaining customers have to face the music. Now they would start looking for options. A trend which would grow in coming times. A home phone besides a smartphone was appealing to many people, given that it provided additional line of communication. With communication technology reaching failsafe stages, this requirement is likely to evaporate. Landline market as it stands now is unsustainable. Research shows about 10% of international calls are made online using VoIP, and they may turn out to be the future of all landlines. Companies are on a purchase spree of more internet-based phone lines in comparison to traditional services. Many large airports have swapped to VoIP to cut communication costs, airlines for ticketing.

The best way to try the service is to analyse the service. It’s time we take the plunge, business or otherwise. Skype or Vonage can start the initiation. Once set up, you can get going. Most of these services don’t charge to call inside UK. Call quality is superb compared to the conventional call experiences we have been facing of late. The bandwidth imbroglio. Both residential and businesses have to gain immensely. You can have immense saving in deciding to swap to VoIP totally. Speeds are quicker and way more reliable. If you paying for both internet and landline, switching over to only internet would be cost effective. You will create your own perfect use case. The market is wide open.

Sanjay Sahay

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