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The utility of a weapon / gadget depends on the how conveniently / easily it can be put to use, is easy to carry, can be put to mass use, is cheap to buy, extremely effective and is readily available. The Russian Kalashnikov Group gave the world its iconic AK-47, which has been the weapon of choice of terrorists, insurgents, armies, revolutionaries, revolutionaries and also the empowering disgruntled citizens the world over for decades now. From the stables of the Kalashnikovs, now we have the model of a miniature drone in full display, at a major defense exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

The AK-47 gained prominence and usage given its low price, high efficiency and ease of use. Even Pentagon purchases second hand Kalashnikovs for its fighting partners in Syria and Afghanistan, rather then supplying them with costly American made guns. The availability of AK-47 has defined the intensity of wars and return of peace in lot may theatres of turmoil the world over. *”Suicide Drones’ are likely to similarly revolutionise wars, on account of making sophisticated drone warfare technology widely and cheaply available.

What havoc even the less potent and technically sound drones can wreck, the world has witnessed in ISIS usage of commercial drones with explosives in Mosul and Raqqa in Iraq and Syria. The drone bombs as it is called were used in an apparent attempt to assassinate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in August. Gatwick Airport closure is another case in point with flights suspend of around three days. Airport shutdowns have also taken place in Dublin, New York and Dubai due to mysterious drone incursions. The age of Drone War has begun.

The Kalashnikov drone officially named the KUB-UAV measures four feet in width and can be in air for around thirty minutes at a speed of 80mph. It can take a payload of six pounds of explosives. In operational terms this coffee table sized gadget can be guided to explode on a target 40 miles away. It can thus be compared to a ”small, slow and presumably inexpensive cruise missile.” This democratising of smart bombs will affect the world in a manner we might not be able to visualise today.


Sanjay Sahay

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