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In the quagmire of corporate communications to creative writing / writers, to content writers to digital marketing have we been lost in the jargon and the format, the job roles, the daily tasks, the formatting and designing, the colour of medium and the visual appeal, the domain pertaining hard hitting content seems to have been lost. The words change slightly, the design superficially, packaging a bit differently but the domain related strength of practice, the creation and operation of a specific product does not come out succinctly, the domain has to been wedded to the communicator for that to happen.

The strength of the language is at the core of it all, it is doubtful to find many of these practitioners with core language competencies. Core language competency may suffice for any other field but not in the field of communication that too in the days of instant communication, electronic, newsprint in its digital avatar and social media necessarily have to maintain the pace. Pace is the key. For all this to happen the core language skill will not suffice, you need to have the flair for the language corresponding to the context, which takes quite sometime to be acquired, if you are lucky enough to get that opportunity.

The wide and varied manifestations all around gives a feeling of cut, copy, paste industry in operation, color, font and superficial design going In the name of creativity.  The man with the core language skills and flair for it has to acquire a reasonably good understanding of the domain to manage some component of communication on his own or as it is becomes generally, its gets caught in the approval process. Today the content is under siege, nobody is in control but the communication bureaucracy is completely entrenched and making a windfall.

It is rare to find any organisation explosive in its communication these days. It can turn out to be the best PR and marketing tool. The tech / domain guy, certainly well educated, can handle this additional responsibility, is completely aversive to it. He just does the mandatory approvals. In this crack the criticality of communication is lost. The winner in the Information Age would be the domain emanating extremely relevant contextual communication which has to be dynamic and realtime. Given the nature of mediums today, it ought to be all pervasive in its presence.


Sanjay Sahay

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