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Try throwing up anything which is slightly difficult, additional, takes some extra time, is at wrong hours, slightly inconvenient, cuts in free time and you see the pace excuses start tumbling down from everybody’s cupboard. Some delay, find out the opportune time to deliver, the strategy behind it and others are on a wild goose chase for the right one. Whatever might the modalities, India is afflicted by this logically explained excuse disease for quite sometime but its now that the negative impact of this disease is coming out in the open, though the people affected by this epidemic feel they are fine.

It is a smart move, the person feels but the other party understands it. Over a period of time, they are known for the act they perform and their credibility takes a back seat. There is a chance now that before you make the invitation list, it is better to make a list of not to be invited. It would be like the No Flying List. The onset of the social media has improved the operations of this exercise and the excuse can now be communicated in wide and varied ways in a combination. The attempt is that the person who is the target should not get the feel that it is an excuse, it should pass off as a unavoidable reason.

The genesis of the excuse mindset is difficult to make out. Vested interest is the name of the game. Cost benefit analysis even for the smallest of things and comfort, rest and imaginary quality of life seems to have taken over everything. How a society which prided in community living and large joint families with number of beyond individual driven commitments and that too being fulfilled life long has transformed into a bad bad bonsai of itself?

It has gone to the extent of evading responsibilities of even parenting while excusing oneself in a very polished manner blaming teachers. The second side of the coin is the excuse me game, that I am not responsible. This is the manifestation of a society moving in the direction of decadence when what is required desperately in the present day, is that while taking all our earlier responsibilities, one should also take the mammoth responsibilities handling the ensuing change happening all around to our benefit.


Sanjay Sahay

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