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A Rules-Based International Order came into existence after the 2nd World War, based what the world has learned and experienced between 1914 and 1945. It is a commitment shared by countries in order to conduct their activities in a manner agreed upon universally. The rules might have a tendency to change or evolve over a period of time. Nation is the functioning unit of the world. But bilateral, multi lateral and global requirements had to met with; from the principal of self determination to security to regional economic and trade requirements. These mutual international arrangements are at the core of our human existence.

International law, region-based security arrangements, agreements of trade, immigration laws and cultural arrangements are a few examples of the topics which gets covered under this order. UN, African Union, European Union, OSCE, ASEAN, NATO, SAARC, international economic organizations and adjudication and adivisory mechanism created on this order have done their bit. There has been no Third World War. The success of integration of Germany, the end of the cold war and then US leading a world with not much of resistance seems to become a part of folklore now. What counts today is seemingly US President’s distrust in this system and the digital machinations behind 2016 elections & BREXIT.

There is a Cyber in everything and the world is in permanent state of Cyber War. That it is prolonged is a manifestation of the lack of a International framework and regimen as a part of the Rules-Based International Order. How to convict who transgresses? Zuckerberg, his company and cohorts seem to have the last laugh having meddled in the US Presidential elections and now irreconcilable BREXIT results. Large number of US local govts in cities have been affected by ransomware, throwing them out of gear. Baltimore tragedy continues. Florida City agreed to pay the hackers. From Estonia in 2007 to today the world has been a mute spectator to these mercenary transgressors.

The sheer nature of the challenge from Julian Assanges, Anonymous / Lazarus / organised hackers, global cyber crime of over $1.5 trillion and the decimating potential of the DarkNet, makes the quest for Cyber Rules-Based International Order, the most burning agenda point of the world. The feeble MLAT / Budapest convention and other such arrangements can’t even fathom out the intensity and pervasiveness of the existing threat.


Sanjay Sahay

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