Daily Post 1319


If politics is used as an expansive term, this was what we are engaged in quite a large part of our professional life. When other considerations, relationships, impact and benefits take precedence over the actual work is where the problem starts. Work becomes mechanical and work is done for work sake. As if achieving mediocre targets is the ultimate in the world, it is flaunted as a technological breakthrough. With social media being in everyone’s hand, everybody is out to prove his worth, every single minute, personal or professional.

Huge amount of time and concentration is being spent on the social media by enterprises, companies and organisations of all shapes and sizes to maximise their presence, appeal and impact. With the publicity / publication machine in your hand, camouflage becomes a very effective tool, more so when there is no way to substantiate and nobody interested in it, as everybody is doing the same. With this frame of mind, the aim is only social media mileage. Where is the time and energy to work in a totally dedicated and focused manner?

The unnecessary peripherals of work which we have created for ourselves will come totally unstuck in the Post Covid – 19 era, when frugal and robust, with minimalist pricing will rule our economies and also our minds. With the trajectory of work changing, it would take much more of time and effort, where will be the time left for indulging in office and other types of politicking. If the people have spoilt themselves, nature has its ways and means of setting them right. If we don’t learn in time and even with wake calls all around the place, we will not be left with even this much.

Work environment is the biggest propellant of work and that is what the companies and organisations should focus on. Having provided that, the work should be on a measurable mode. The management process of filling fields in the software type work will keep on happening but with value add becoming a must in the Post Covid-19 world. This would be the differentiator in an environment which would be fast changing and so would be the demands. A dynamic environment is really challenging for the professionals. High time we trashed politicking from the professional arena.


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