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Leadership has been an ongoing debate and from lowly manager to the C-Suite, who are declared as leaders par excellence, not to speak of the political side from a gram panchayat to a corporation, to the high and mighty in the country, who are out to decide on the living, society, economy and polity of this nation, as and when we move out of the COVID-19 imbroglio. The challenge is whether they have the capability to do so. The capability comes out of successful leadership models across the the face of the earth, which indicate to only two models.

The first model has mostly been successful in business though there is no way to disprove this model either in the political or the social arena. The Jack Welch Model wherein the successor to the crown is decided and then is taken through a well designed, structured process so that he becomes a business leader par excellence, goes to the credit of GE. Infosys has faltering for quite sometime now, goes to their discredit. The moral of the story is that a professional who has all the capabilities is selected and then top leadership is taught through professional work and in a professional manner. Jack Welch was taken through this process for eight long years and he proved the worth of this preparation.

The other model is what we can call as Bill Clinton Model, wherein a leader is thrown to an extremely responsible democratic position by people’s mandate. He seems to have the expertise and competencies at lower levels, has to prove his worth here. His education is by his side and so is his capability to comprehend to a great level, make it actionable is a challenge. To take to a totally different level in a very short period of time is the challenge. It is doable, people have made it happen. If we are able to make a standardised system of doing that, it would be an yeomen service to democracy and the nation.

Beyond the two sensible models of business and politics are innumerable models in this country of business and politics, which aims at immediate gains by hook or by crook. At times even the NGOs fall in this category. There is a general feeling in this country that nothing can happen with the above two models. If we have not tried these models and accepted the third, fourth and fifth models on the criteria of convenience, lack of capability and total lack of willingness to learn, there is nothing to be commented upon. These have never been successful, for decades now, will work for its shelf life of a few years and then would end up in dust, at least as afar as the well being of the poor and growth of this nation is concerned.


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