Daily Post 1321


The quality and the cracks in the leadership mettle has come out in the open in various countries at all levels during the onset of COVID-19 and in managing operations of this pandemic, one of its kind tragedy that has hit the world. That is the reason we find different result in different countries getting afflicted in the same manner, medical infrastructure notwithstanding. The dilly dallying and a very clear lack of understanding of the evolving situation is witnessed at most of the places.

It has more been an ad-hoc reaction to an evolving situation and then waiting for the results, unsure of everything and at times completely taken aback by it. This is not withstanding few success stories, Kerala being in our backyard itself. The capability of replication has also been found to be missing as evolution of a system of functioning, takes time and effort. Besides, the capability of utilising all available resources in the right combination and time, to the fullest is not an easy job. Only a hands on leader can make it happen. If you have not brunt your fingers a few times, you would be able to gain even a modicum of success.

The post COVID-19 phase besides the political and bureaucratic leadership, will test one one and all. Health leadership would certainly remain under test for quite sometime. It needs a major overhaul to be ready for something of this nature and magnitude. In the educational sector cracks are already appearing on the online classes / education front. How well it transforms itself depends what the leaders have to offer, based on every reasonable input and the analysis thereof. The business leadership will face its most difficult time, if they try to recover in the conventional style, it might not happen at all. The social sector leadership is also at crossroads with the funding crunch all around.

The post COVID-19 leaders would have to be persons of proven expertise, capability to plan and execute with alacrity, grit and determination. The general fun making, exploiting leadership position model’s days are numbered. Program budgeting in both funding and results is bound to happen. Business leaders have to deliver on frugal / lean model every time. Nobody has the money for the flab. Foresight will be tested by results. For the social enterprise, leadership would mean the capability to pull out your organisation and people you work for, out for crisis.


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