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If a class is able to drift the focus from Manipur to all sorts of flimsy issues, literally unconnected to the handling of the situation, it has to be the political class. Such behaviour puts the real issue into the background and petty issues get take the centre-stage; of somebody not having talked about it or visited the war zone. The crux of matter is its incompetent handling, continuance of conflict, end not in sight and worst no one seems deeply hurt or worried. Imagine of an election situation and your first thought would be of leaders flocking and meeting as many as possible. They have perfected the art of taking your time and attention at their whims and fancies.

Even if there is an existential crisis for a state, the political class still usurps the limelight, with no conscience pricking, then it is necessary to analyse how they operate on a regular basis. The safety and security are the prime concerns for the common man and more so woman, but who usurps the scarce security personnel / resources. From personal security, to traffic /security arrangements in travel / on roads, public meetings, elections, even resort politics et al. they have it all around them. Most of the time the police leaders are worried about the political class’s security. It is also treated as matter of pride and status for them and it is growing by the day.

The political class dots the Indian landscape from the village panchayat to the most powerful locations in Delhi. The bureaucracy has to cater them with all their time and play to their tune and fancies. They have the best working spaces, staff and what not. The narrative is decided by them, how much of it is in public interest is left to your imagination. The focus changes as per the political class and while being in political executive, they are privy to everything, confidentiality being suspect. When legislature sessions are on, the whole of the bureaucracy is literally at their beck and call. The governance can remain in a limbo. When elections happen, the whole of the state government does only this and nothing else. During election time administration but for conduct of elections remains in a usurped state.

Their movement and behaviour would make you feel that they have usurped the public space, whenever they are there. They rarely move alone. The generally move in convoys, either of the government or they create one for themselves too. Same goes for rail and air travel as well. The media space is completely usurped by them to the extent that even spokespersons speak on behalf of one and all, inclusive of the police, bureaucracy and the government. They are the prime-time stars. When everything is already in public domain, the bureaucracy remains tight lipped. The national narrative gets usurped. The number of media persons who follow them would be more than all other news stories in the country on any day. For everything their opinion required. You can feel their dominating influence is every professional / media field and in every geography in an all-pervasive manner.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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