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The emphasis and commitment to quality is the sine qua non of modern development and existence in every way. It provides you the comfort that you not being cheated and you can take it for granted that the product and service would *perform in the manner legally contracted. Assurance of quality throws away stress out of the system and faith; trust and credibility are built on the bulwark of quality. If you see the world around us, how much are we convinced of the quality of good and services around us? Is nearly everything suspect? The quality foundation across board that is taking us down.

Have the regulators and quality councils have been able to bring sanity into the system? Their mandate and resources based on the impact on the ground, can safely be presumed not up to the mark. These organisations and various others are fully involved in the practice of accreditations and certifications and the real field of quality on the ground seems to be no one’s baby. Road and bridges in this country seems to have been exempted from any quality considerations. And buildings too. The fall like a pack of cards at times. India registers the highest number of accidents in the world, compromised quality of infra cannot be absolved of the blame.

The driving licence or the quality of driving has its own story. How about the quality of education in this country, more so the government-controlled schooling system? If this were improved, to the desired quality, at least half of the ills facing the nation would automatically get sorted. From exam boards, to school managements and a vast variety regulators and government departments / mechanisms in place, it is a wonder, *how we are able to deliver the unbelievably low quality, that we do. It is not the quality of education compromised; it seems education itself has been compromised.

The bounty of marks is clear cut case of compromise. Then the whole area of health. Notwithstanding the stretched healthcare requirements during the second wave of COVID, it made clear to the world, what the Indian countryside is delivered in the name of health. Compromising quality is an understatement, there are places where it is completely missing in operations, known to all and accepted by all. The stakeholders keep taking their pound of flesh. With education and health in the quandary for the masses, how far can we go. Not to say it is better in other sectors. With low or completely compromised quality, it is the proverbial end of the road for us.


Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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