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Of all the colleagues & friends you have been with, for donkeys numbers of years, what percentage of them have shown any reasonable improvement in them. The study of professionals shows that years, sometimes instead of adding to their skills is negative. The positioning changes in the organization / public domain & in our our own lives, the quality & the contribution does not change. What propels quality & contribution remains unattended after one has settled in life. This is the tragedy of our times. Non-delivery becomes the order of the day. One want to sell same thought process, skills, values& competencies in a completely changed world.

How many of us have improved upon their communication skills in the last decade or so? The communication jargon of the world has completely changed. Regarding how many our colleagues can we vouch for this improvement. Does our engineering skills keep improving with the times or we leave it to the youngsters to deliver at their fancy. If we are not in tune with the times, we create decadant organizations. Such organizations are the order of the day.

All improvements related to any skill or additionality for promotion or for a financial benefit, does only mechanical good. A mandatory upgrade is unconnected to urge & the same impact is felt in the results as well. The urge to improve is the killer. Sustained success & credibility happens for this reason, rest we all know turns out to be a flash in the pan.

Change is the essence of life & ingrained into it, at the individual level is the urge & will to improve. Where we intend to reach & where we are in our skills & competencies will give us the Improvment Gap. Bridging it, is the game changer. The world belongs to them, who can make out the gap with professional clarity & find the wherewithal to bridge the gap.


Sanjay Sahay

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