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The most profuse democratic deliverable which is made available to the masses today in a running spectacle is a Words War. Literally, every democratic element is at war with the other and the ultimate tool they have is words, being concocted in most perverse way, for the simple reason that nobody is bothered about the result, but they are all dying just to create a perception. Perception happens only when the reality is in doubt. Have you not crossed the stage? It’s not a war of words, that is with people of letters and mostly pertains to a battle of thought processes. Only philosophers, thinkers and very high-end academicians can indulge in such a war of words. Words War is a form of warfare of the personas, who have perfected the art of camouflage. 

The Words War happens in a variety of ways and in a variety of modes, through a variety of man-machine tools. The real differentiator of the war is that the party which is on a blitzkrieg mode is the one,  who does not deliver. Parties change. Mandated to do so, what is the recovery mode? Words War starts a recovery tool most of the time and in some cases, it is practiced vociferously to establish a new persona to an exalted position. In the vitiated politics / democracy of today, it is being used as an existential tool. History shows that at least in democratic regimes this tool has not been successful as an existential weapon in a man-made crisis, which is conspicuously attributable.

Words have been used with flair and potency in debates for times immemorial and so in public speeches. These utterances are transformed into war, if it is spoken with venom, that too with a purpose to demolish the credibility of the adversary. It can be an outright lie or  any variant or it. What is most fascinating in the tone, tenor, gestures and the expressions that go with it. These words are laced with manufactured facts; such facts belong to the categories of  being totally false, or being used out of context or creating a context for it, to give a positive impact. Every forum and every mode of communication is used for this purpose.

The arsenal for the Words War will nowhere be found in official or third party or public domain well established documents. The fact check can be simple and fast. The multimedia / social media world provides  the real theater of war. Who attacked whom with what weapon and with what result is known in a normal war? In the Words War in the Social Media world, obfuscation is the name of the game. Traceability, technically possible, does not generally happen in the real world, making the Words War much murkier than we can even imagine. It needs a different breed of warriors to fight this new age war; content, messaging, technology, strategy, dissemination and the never say never die personas.


Sanjay Sahay


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