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If you intend to believe that the AI war has still not begun, then you would be living on a different planet. How intense is the war? It is way beyond anyone can even imagine. The botched Google’s Bard presentation explains it all. What is the world’s expectation out of such conversational intelligence tools has also been made very clear. Bard in a public display / presentation, gave a wrong answer and hell broke loose. Having been through Search engines for decades and experienced ChatGPT in the last two months, there is nobody who is in a *mood to excuse any technical glitch. Markets respond way faster than what we think.

Sentiments rule the market and adverse AI sentiment can be a massive spoiler for any company. Google lost $100 dollars in market capitalisation with this one mistake. Might be this is the costliest mistake in recent times. There is no scope for public experimentation. Product once delivered has to work and deliver as a robust product. ChatGPT has raised the bar to a different level. GPT has been in vogue for quite some time now, even GPT3 is not so new, the dialogue component and the engagement it created blew off the lid of the AI space.

After this fiasco the CEO wants Bard to become a worthy opponent of ChatGPT. ChatGPT has been the first mover and the game changer of the search world. As of now, it would be treated as the gold standard and quite rightly so. Now it is for the Google management to make its employees and the world restore faith in its ChatGPT rival. Google employees have called Bard’s rollout rushed and botched. While Google was feeling pressure from ChatGPT from the OpenAI stables, now it is feeling the heat from Microsoft as well.

Microsoft has been viewing this opportunity as a once in a lifetime chance to make the cut. Google has ruled the roost for over two decades. No one even believed that this opportunity would ever come. But here it is! Pichai wants Googlers to spend two to four hours of their time improving its tech. In the backdrop of the botched rollout, he reminded the staffers that Google has not always been the first to release a product. He says that this has not come in its way to become the final winner. It was not the first to get into search engines nor was it a pioneer of Android. The present tech acceptability and pace of adoption is different today. It cannot be compared with the earlier times. ChatGPT has proven its worth and Microsoft is breathing down its neck with the Bing and Edge combination. How to make Bard worthy is a trillion-dollar question?

Sanjay Sahay

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