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Is partiality of the police a fact of life? Or is just created by vested interests as put an institution in a tight corner. The fact of matter is that over and over again, the police have been alleged to be partisan, in a variety of ways. How much of it is inbuilt into the system and how much of it is of the making of the police. This is being debated at a time, when police keep on making clarion calls in nearly all crisis situations of their impartiality, but very rarely it cuts ice.

The general impression and perception that is thus created is of the fence eating the crop. The catch22 situation is that in our political set up, it is very difficult to find a non-partisan government, at the barest minimum they would support their party and be at all the times with it, when they are in power. It can certainly extend to large number of other things depending on the inclination of the government. How does an impartial police emanate out of a partisan government? If that were to happen it, would he the proud day in the history of Indian democracy.

If we get into the history of communal riots of this country and many a such scars on this nation, one basic negative tenet of administration which is always talked about it the partisan behaviour of the police. Inaction is another element of lack of police neutrality. All major police enabled fiascos have happened on this count. How does the law of the land become a tangible proactive DNA of the police, some right thinking leaders in the police have tried to unravel, mostly with failure. Impartiality, enabled by law, practiced against the will of the powers that be, still seems to be far cry in India’s fledgling democracy.

Police is the visible power of the state and its unhampered control is the will of political masters, the strength coming of the ballot. The police on its part have accepted broadly that political orders are correct orders and it has to be complied with. Political is legal is the dictum. From riots to day to day police administration, the tilt of the police and the reasons thereof is known to all, inclusive of the most naïve. How power and influence works is not hidden from anyone. When rule of law has preconditions, where and how can impartiality be born. Who are at the receiving end of police brutality when it takes place is known to all? Given the scenario they are in, sometimes one feels, that they are meant to be partial and so they are. Democracy revolves on the axis on power and influence and so does the police.

Sanjay Sahay

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