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In India allegedly is a word which you find heavily in circulation, this translates into legal terminology depending on the context. It can used vice versa either way, but more often than not it is used to the person’s advantage. The person we are talking about is not a normal person, but some who has come into negative attention of the law enforcement or the investigative agencies. The acts committed by the person is taken to the alleged level, which provides the required smokescreen for the person to stay relevant wherever he positioned and keep continuing with the damage.

The situation is weird that you can have a family of a convict, other with alleged charges and third a suspect. It can be a very successful political family or any family for that matter. You should just have the clout to use the law to your advantage. We have had recent case where financial impropriety and sexual misdemeanor was being talked about, by the people who have been at the receiving end. Who in right sense, would allege something of this nature, the doubt that is created, breaks the case before it starts.

Allegedly means lack of seriousness and that it can be played around with. Earlier, it was with registered criminal cases and now it does not even reach that stage. The respectability is maintained and some non-professional panel, does the job of the police or a specialized investigative agency. Allegedly has legal connotations but bringing it down to the level of allegations is demeaning. It gives the feeling something trivial which need not reach the doorsteps of the law. It can be managed in house. So, shameful that it has been treated most of the times as a grievance. A crime is brought to the level of grievance is what “allegedly” has brought us to.

Bringing to book, taking to task the legal way, should end up in the case being proved. Getting freed can be one odd exception. Then the allegedly tag can legally be eliminated. When most of them are able to get out of the clutches of law, then for sure they would their lobby to malign the whole system, while they themselves are the rotten eggs. What percentage / proportion of our elected representatives / political class falls in the “allegedly category”, the larger the number, more difficult would be get rid of the “allegedly tag”. For the accused and wrong doer, life goes on usual. The society keeps getting numb by the day. You can live a whole life “allegedly” is the legality and criminality in India. Invoke law only when you can carry it through.* It translates into the health of our society and the nation.

Sanjay Sahay

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