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Treating the current Hindenburg-Adani saga as an example, the country’s governance, politics, economy and even the capabilities of individuals, as we know have known missing links, which are deliberately curated and presented to the masses, that you get a totally different picture of it. Do we need a Hindenburg to research and publish whatever they did? Can’t we give them back in the same coin? Our response has to be equally researched and rebuttal which the world is forced to believe is a fact. With the hue and cry over the Adani exceptional growth and the facilitation provided, it would be difficult to find very few who did know the missing links.

Actual these are not missing links, it is broadly known to all, but in a scenario where you are challenged to provide facts and evidence, where do you get it from? The known linkages, facts, figures and documents are with the government agencies; lending agencies, MCA, foreign agencies, SEBI and like, where does a private individual, civil society or any other organisation bring it to the fore. Investigation into any and every disease happens on the symptoms which any professional can see, and it is too conspicuous even an average person can make out, in the which direction things are moving.

Instead of starting with the symptoms for conducting a full-fledged investigation, all those who are mandated to govern, regulate and investigate start crying hoarse and ask the happen victims / adversely impacted or the well-meaning souls to provide hard evidence. Let’s take it the the other way round, the linkages are known, how neatly you can you publicly display as unconnected is the whole story of deliberately curated missing links. Whether you believe it or not, you will be left with no option but to be a bystander at the very best, as you will asked to muster hard coded evidence against them. Even a Washington Post in a December 2022 article gave details of a broadly known yet details unknown story of a power plant to cater to Bangladesh of the same enterprise.

Who will take the first step to officially unravel and officially validate, either way? The known linkages made unknown to the world, cannot be made public without a massive and objective investigation, by the same powers who have been a party to it. This is our wish and the outcry is a manifestation of the same. There are no solid democratic / governance elements to make it happen. This is only one episode. Take anything today, the links are known to the world, but there is always an effort to deliberately curate the known missing links. From a poor pothole to time spent for governance, to the expertise and vision proclaimed, all have fallen to this tragedy. Evidence will never be forthcoming but in the rarest circumstances, for the rest facts would be declared an opinion of misdirected mind, or a conspiracy and you have to live with it.

Sanjay Sahay

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