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ChatGPT has been making waves, since its release on Nov.30 2022, as no other tech product or service in human history. It is generic in nature and can have a professional and productive use for nearly everybody. It would bring down the drudgery to unimaginable levels. Even Google may already to seeming drudgery for some. It has been clearing exams as humans do. If put at scale, the delivery would be exponential that has already been proven. As we move further the Generative Pre-trained Transformer can be updated in its knowledge at a regular pace or as required.

The missing element of traversing the internet can also be added, which means the answers put forth would be based on the cumulative brain of pre-training and what is available on the internet. It can certainly be moved in the direction of detecting authenticity of facts, based on its genealogy, documents, source, connected individuals and what not. As we move further there would be endless use cases, which would come out of ChatGPT. There would be prefixes and suffixes to name the same to conspicuously relate to the use case. One of such probable cases should be Gov. ChatGPT. It will provide a new dimension to governance the world over.

Finding out what to do and how, is the nitty gritty challenge of governance, which keeps pulls the supposedly well-oiled wheels of the governments to a screeching halt or massive slow down for sure. We have barely seen governments working at ease and pace, both simultaneously. The facts, data and the narrative seems to be missing most of the times. Subjective, verbose, imaginary and emotional has been the tone and tenor of governments, more so in the third world countries. Evaluate the Indian governments on this yardstick, then you would realize what is being talked about. It can handle every single legislature session with ease, handling even the brewing issues instantaneously. How about a data propelled gist of all budgets so far?

You can also lay your hands on verbose promises, of whichever financial year you want to know? You could find the fate of Hindenburg’s targets on a timeline basis. How much of election manifestoes have turned to reality? And all the great calculations to be done for an extra financial perk or objectively work out pricing of fighter jets, pre-training done as per our requirements, can do wonders to governments functioning. Drudgery less and precision governance should be our agenda for the Digital Age in which we are already in. While each employee of the government and the political executive will find this as a magic wand, over time the it can be made public facing. All the grievances may not vanish in jiffy but for sure, facts would be better known and the process too, and improve the predictability of government’s response immensely.

Sanjay Sahay

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