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A topic that could challenge you do be deciphered. In this fast-changing world, propelled by the latest technology of the day, you might mostly guess in the right direction. That we will catch up in minute, the issue which needs our attention, is that if we don’t engage with cutting edge technology in a wholesome manner, it would come back to bite us. The truism is the if we don’t take out time out of sundry, day to day activities, the future will not be ours. The country is engaging in things, which are mostly inconsequential and if we miss out its race now, it would be very difficult to catch up. We are talking about Artificial Intelligence, AI, in its endless avatars.

Where the avatars don’t end, it is AI. Put on flame by ChatGPT, the world has been spending considerable time, on multimodal large language models, getting amazed by one use case after the other and the new AI tools in their alpha and beta stages of development. One such pertains to a just 3 second video. 3 seconds is enough to learn and put the world on fire. We are talking about Google’s Soundstorm, for which a 3 second video is enough to transform the world. It is voice to voice, the synthetic voice can put you on your wits end. It would create voice overs which can put the best humans to shame, at a pace which would be unimaginable.

For the machine the learning is instantaneous. Soundstorm seems to have sorted out the accuracy problem. It has been able to create hyper realistic sound voiceovers. The small inflections you hear when someone is speaking for example; a pause, tone etc. makes the voice over human life. The demonstration of dialogue synthesis has been really intriguing. The dialogue can be generated dialogue from two people talking for just three seconds. Voice prompt to synthesized dialogue is magical. Sam Altman has thrown a challenge to Indian start-ups by stating that they cannot replicate ChatGPT.

DeepFake will not be able to match proficiency reached by this tool. The ethical prism, likely practical challenges and detrimental impact of AI has already become its second skin. The sooner we catch it by its horns, the better it is for mankind. Already the skeletons have starting tumbling down from the cupboard. One such instance is aptly summarized by a blaring headline; ”they thought the loved ones were calling for help. It was an AI scam.” Scammers are using Artificial Intelligence to sound more like family members in distress. Guardian’s headline states; “AI can fool voice recognition used to verify identity by Centrelink and Australian tax office.” Are you moving against the tide?

Sanjay Sahay

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