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Salary wasted. There is no money for anything worthwhile. ’Salaried’ is the state of an organization, enterprise, government department / ministry, multinational organisation, etc where the main task is to dispense salaries, without serving the purpose for which it has been created. Take for example the quality of public education in this country, it gives a feeling that it was created to pay salary to the teachers. The other feature of ‘salaried’ organisations is that the increase of salaries are nearly guaranteed at regular intervals; increments as we call then, not having any connection with the performance or purpose.

The crazy situation most of times is when such salaried perform well as per the appraisals, nothing gets reflected in the quality of good / services delivered. There is improvement in terms of growth potential too, which means you can be rest assured that delivery is not going to happen. This is the state of a large number of organisations supposedly working for public good, either being funded by taxes; state receipts, or donations of governments and states in case of such international organisations. When the organizations loses financial ability upskill, reskill or upgrade its human resources, we can term the organization fully trapped in the ‘salaried’ imbroglio.

Given the ready availability of modern tech tools and innovative processes, cost cutting on salary and also its increase can be done, without impacting the delivery. In any case there was no great delivery happening. The mindset of the management too is to allow it going on in the manner it has been for a long time, any action it feels, would be unsettling the apple cart. The employees would react vociferously, in case of any action of this kind. The management does not want to get into this situation. The salaried mass of employees has learned to live and enjoy in a ‘salaried’ state organization. They are fine without any improvements in the quality of work environment.

Capital infusion is in no way even thought about. Capital for improvement within the prescribed budget is abhorred. In the given situation, there is no chance as well. They don’t want it to happen if arrangements are made through other sources. The results of capital investment by way better infra, utilities, extension of nature of services, increase in reach or services would demand more and better quality of work to meet the newer expectations. The skewed budgets of such organizations speaks of the financial ailment and in consequence a work ethic ailment that needs to be gotten rid off. This has to be changed by law. Capital for development / growth needs to have its due share for the organization both to grow and remain.

Sanjay Sahay

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