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Visionaries have always provided leadership & direction to the world. In the Information Age, with all transactions & assets, feelings & emotions, intelligence & espionage, research & plagiarism, terrorism & counter terrorism et al have taken the form of data. The skill to use data is the present day definition of knowledge.  The capability to envision the future of data, in totality or a part or a dimension thereof, can be termed as DATA VISION.  Understanding the complexity of data & putting it to present optimal usage & ability to see ahead in time, how best the latent data can be used, are two different worlds.

 For what purpose my data would be used is the moot question raging minds the world over, with different manifestations, dimensions, levels of understanding and purpose.  And at times at cross purposes. Nonetheless, there is unanimity in the their thinking.  At the other extreme are Hactivists, having a Digital Vision to rip apart the data dependent world  Julian Assange & Snowden create bigger scare in the world, than the biggest of the terrorists. They understand the complexity of data & how to use it to their advantage to make their vision come true.

 Entrepreneurs, data vision enabled, supposedly worked on a business model of free service, the commercial support being the advertisement revenue.  This prevalent story cannot be bought at face value. They knew what would  humungous data mean from different angles; power, strength, control, monopoly & with all these, the fun & frolic to generate huge amount of revenue & the ultimate; research & development.  The picture gets complete.

Becoming aware of immense benefits, the governments,  the world over started taking steps in the very same direction.  Data today is the proverbial elephant of the Six Blind Men & the Elephant story.  The future would be segregated into the ones who can see the elephant & who cannot. This would decide every facet of our life & future of mankind.


    Sanjay Sahay

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