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The 3D Printing happens to be the biggest technological leap since the inception of printing by Gutenberg, some 600 years bring, transforming the world with ideas and giving the world view shattering movements of Reformation & Enlightenment and the life. Mass communication got born and over time and space got enmeshed into our lives in wide and varied ways. 3D Printing happens to be one of the Disruptive Innovations, having the capability to define our future in conjunction with other far reaching technologies.

The capability to print three dimensions provide the inherent value to this technology and by its logical extension, at least, theoretically, can create any product. Most of such products have to go through the assembly lines, fixed locations, supply chain and the like. To be able to do away with all that can be an empowering experience, for sure. You, 3D soft copy of your system and a 3D printer, it can be this easy, is the promise and proofs of concept are available all around the place.

Science fiction can thus be reality when you can print a car part and use. Hearing aids, jewellery and even parts for NASA is already in use. The commercial and also the research potential is immense, which only the future can unfold. Bio printing has a huge potential in the field of regenerative medicine, body parts can be printed. So, possibilities are endless, our capability to transform the potential into reality is the challenge. So, bio printers can print organs.

So far this technology was used for only prototypes, but now it’s being used in the airlines industry. A tool to print anything. It’s also a double edged sword, with law still to catch up. Additive manufacturing is what it is in manufacturing language. Manhattan already has a 3D printing store. The top customers are GE, NASA and top architecture firms. On the other side of the spectrum can be the capability of printing of a gun at every computer. Virtual design to real product blows people’s minds.


    Sanjay Sahay

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