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Happy employees are better employees. Better the perks and see the changes. More humane work atmosphere can do wonders. Empathy is at the heart of everything. Motivation still happens to the biggest enigma of our times. It’s certainly not like filling the cycle tyre and it’s ready to go. Motivation is not a trade off. Being motivated is a thought process, a sentiment, an emotion.

The organisational culture having the capability to provide opportunities to prove yourself, take challenges, throw challenges and consistently deliver on the organisational goals broken down to individual products / services etc, can play the magic and it seems to be doing wonders in the cutting edge IT companies, sorting out the big ticket problem statements one after the other.

Motivation is certainly related  to a degree to basic physical and financial comfort is undeniable. Little more is aspirational. Beyond that it does not work and so it seems. Otherwise, all well paid and well taken care of employees would have changed the world, making it unrecognisable by now. Motivation based on perks is an mindset issue. Mindset continues, aspirations don’t end. We can barely objectively assess what we deliver. No HR can provide a connect between salary and other perks and what employees deliver and more so how motivated they were while delivering the product.

Breaking complex issue into simple working formulas is a worthwhile venture, but is generally not successful in human issues. In the complex web of inhuman professional relationships with different mindsets, background and different career goals to accomplish, how one size fits all standard motivation packages is up for success is anybody’s guess. With mergers / acquisitions being the order of the day, motivation itself can find a different definition nearly every day.

An organisational culture extraordinaire can create an enduring business entity. This is the real motivator.


 Sanjay Sahay

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