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In the cacophony of the multimedia world, though often repeated, but still to affect our psyche even in a small way, an urge to create is conspicuously missing. From IBM to Amul are all creations. To create is to elevate ourselves to next higher level of existence. The scramble for copyright, patents, all sorts of intellectual property, institutions and products is yet to begin. That would mark the beginning of a truly revolutionary era for the academics, research, economy and society of the nation. The urge to create is synonymous with the urge to make a mark and leave a legacy behind, a hallmark of human beings since times immemorial.

How much of thought has gone in to create this urge in schools can be debated up, might be inconclusively, but it’s a certainty that the professional colleges make no sincere efforts in this direction. From parents to the colleges the students hears only of placements &  packages and finally leaves the portals with only those. To create and elevate is not on his agenda. This is the biggest differentiator between the employer and the employee.

From the micro to macro this urge keeps making a difference to our lives. A report, a ppt or a big project proposal. It has to have your stamp, your mark. If somebody goes through that, one should be able to make out that it’s your creation. One creation can lead to a series of them. IIM Ahmedabad was the beginning of management education in India and lo and behold it spread like wildfire across the country. This is the potential what a creation can have.

When momentum grows,  the urge finds it manifestation galore in the public domain, the critical mass once achieved, progress is likely to happen in an exponential manner. Once exponential, it can change the landscape of the nation in a very short time. This can be the only way forward.


Sanjay Sahay

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