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One of the real fast moving technology packages in recent times has been our CCTV network/s. If is difficult to find any place from a house to office to industry to a transportation hub, which is bereft of the third eye. It has been well established that this necessity we cannot do without. Nonetheless, our approach to this technology and utility has been one of indifference, even if some interest has been there as the time of getting it installed. Having put it in place, this is taken as a routine fixture which need not be looked into whether it is home or the office arena. The best part is that this technology package is that it has something to offer for everybody, you can fathom it out in a few minutes.

Loads of issues which dot our daily lives including few criminal in nature could have been prevented in different ways, had the technology been used effectively used. It would also provide immense amount of intelligence and ease,  if we use correctly,  the networks we have put in place. Having some idea of the CCTV market in the country, it is a multi-billion dollar market, pegging it at Rs 30,000 – 40,000 crores would not be a wild guess. You can well imagine what should the nature of engineering education required for this purpose. It is an inter branch expertise which is left to the fate of combination of vendors.

From Computer Science to Electronics & Communication to Telecommunications Eng. to Information Science; no branch of engineering teaches anything about this technology, not even how to connect the dots. A multi-branch engineering specialisation is the need of the hour. It would be a rarity to find even a good diploma course in this field, when we need expertise at this level to execute multi-thousand crores projects and operate it. There is no Skilling Course also in the market. Given the complexity of the projects, there is a dire need to have a multi-stakeholder high end techno-management program, which would enable each of these to understand their role and deliver it.

Just imagine a situation where every movement would get known, tracked and connected, for legal and other genuine requirements for our ease of work and safety, dynamically and in real time. Will it not elevate your quality of life? Will it absolve you of, of some part of your drudgery. If facial recognition takes care of access / attendance in office / apartment complex / gated communities and automated number plate recognition systems creates magic in your boom barriers, seamless vehicle movement and with data on every movement, it can be transformative. These are the low hanging fruits. Intelligence systems with en number of business solutions can drive you mad. China did wonders in COVID-19 situation by this technology.


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