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Slowly we have completely graduated from the real world to the social media world, without even realising of it. While we always believed that that we are fully rooted in the real world and social media is just for fun and frolic, the lock, stock and barrel transition has happened even without we realising of it. COVID-19 seems to have accentuated the fast downslide and today we are at the abyss of the social media world. Just hope having reached the nadir, any further descend would mean our nemesis. Instead of efforts being made to bring sanity into this world, we are out to outsmart each other in every facet of it from vulgarity to use of weird language to maintaining troll armies.

If you venture into reading the endless messages of the any of the TV channels being watched on the data mode, on topics artificially made controversial, you can become insane in a max of ten messages. Filth is the only word that can somewhat describe it. That too is an understatement. How can we stoop to such levels so as to treat this nature of filth as normal. There is absolutely no hue and cry from any quarter. For that reason it has not stopped and open threatening of rape and physical harm are traded in some cases. The mental state in which some are forced to leave the social media world is a story of its own.

Puppeteers play with fingers with strings attached to bring dummies to life and add a touch of fun to your life. A skill which takes time to perfect and certainly the skills deserves all praise. In the social media world the puppeteers are many and so are the multitude of dummies / puppets, but unfortunately here there are no strings attached. The damage is being done but the puppeteer is not to be found. Camouflage in the social media is an act perfected  and that adds to its popularity. Lots of plots are being played simultaneously. The semblance of control with is sometimes displayed is played for the gallery.  The faith in the trash should  continue.

Unseen, unheard, in a different geography, with no physical contact ever possible and nothing in common at all with their followers but for smartphone and an app, you reach the level of an influencer. As it is convenient for all, you also love to fall in the trap, deliberately. You also want to be one, one day. While things happen on the ground, social media today provides all the clues, for good or for bad. The primary existence has moved on to the social media. It has crossed the stage of the proverbial puppet, now the puppeteer is being played around with.


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