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*Whatever might be the day and age, business of compassion has never been the flavour of the day. That business means going about your work in an organised manner and nothing else, is something which will not be appreciated by anybody. *Business over the years has generally become synonymous with mercenary commercial gains. A way of life which indulges in only profits and money and it has nothing to do with environment,  community or compassion is the perception that the common man carries. The not for profit enterprises carry on, no differently. It is more of a nomenclature issue. The governments have nothing to do with business. They are supposedly in the business of doing maximum good to the  maximum people.

*Even with vulgar amount of money, minimal amount of compassion does not enter their hearts and mind is the most intriguing facet of human existence.* The government’s main job in developing and under developed countries is to take care of the poor, impoverished, illiterate, ill / diseased and needy in every way, but with all that, *what is the proportion of compassion, the administrative machinery possesses. Can governance ever have a human face without compassion? The concept of being professional actually degenerates you into a sub-human being with some vague selling component of emotional intelligence. How can CSR make headway without the critical component of compassion?

Business of life is the business of compassion. Nothing can prosper without this element of life. The best example in the world of compassion is Dr. V, the founder of the Aravind Eye Care System, who started with a 11 bed hospital in Madurai, post retirement, at the age of 58. That he started with a vision of eliminating curable blindness speaks volumes about the person. He perfected the business model which emanates purely out of compassion and a level further, gets intricately connected to the spirituality of Sri. Aurobindo. All this helped him in creating technically, professionally and cost wise the most efficient eye care system in the world, with no match anywhere.

Very high volume, better than the world service at lowest cost is the wonder business model he created, made it so  robust that it runs seamlessly* across the South Indian countryside, in and around Madurai, even ten years after his demise. Patient decides whether he will pay or not is the ultimate utopia he has created. Free eye camps in the rural countryside, the sheer numbers and regularity of it for decades can leave you awestruck. The ones whose surgery are to be undertaken, are picked up from their homes and dropped back right there, after the treatment is completed at the hospital. Every single cost is on the hospital and attendants are not required. This is what free is all about. 65% of the patients get their treatment for free and still they had an operating surplus of $13 million. The operating cost of the hospital chain is one percent of National Health Service, NHS, UK, might be for a even better service.


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