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The disjointed world of our regular communication, proposals, reports, presentations and the like, with which we struggle on every moment of our professional life and lots of time in our personal life too, is the clearest manifestation of lacking a clear narrative. Though the modes of this representation might not be as blatant in other cases, it really rips apart the audience, when it comes to presentations and speeches. The audience is a complete loss and the speaker keeps on nudging the audience to gets a thumbs up. May be audience never had the luck to listen to clear cut narratives.

How many times you have not been able to fathom out head or tail of a proposal? With all your focus and expertise you will not reach anywhere as the narrative is not clear to the great professional creating it. He is making just a document is the fallacy which is bringing the professional world to a near disaster. All the time is lost in documentations with out a base. Time does not stop for anyone. Business and governance should run. So, all this stuff, with some amount of packaging finds its way to projects, policies and lots of mandated documentation which decide out fate and existence.

We start correcting the manifestation of the narrative, we don’t try to rectify the professional behind it , why day in and day out, for years together, he has been creating this sort of documentation. 95% of emails do not take us anywhere is what research shows. How does set right the situation? The core competency and the domain has to be at your fingertips. One this canvas you put the current document – a product proposal so to say. If you have complete clarity you will reach a reasonable level. Document cannot give clarity, only clarity can deliver a worthwhile document.

The magic is achieved when you have the language to match the crystal clear thought process. This is not the language of a fiction writer. There is nothing flamboyant about it. Professional concepts, terms, calculations, timelines and all deliverables expected stitched into one, flawlessly, the work of a ace tailor in the physical world and that of ace sutradhar in real terms. This is only way you add value to yourself, your organisation and your profession.


Sanjay Sahay

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