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Content never fails is an adage. Whatever might be the requirement of the situation, meeting, interview, group discussion or any nature of documentation, if the content matches to it, the situation would always be handled, to your success. What is the system to understand what is the right content and how do you keep creating the right content over and over again, whatever might be the situation and never fail. The answer is not a cut and dry content creation for every situation as more often than not there is likelihood of additional information, content or connect which can asked at the nick of the moment.

Everybody knows the content which he is supposed to handled on a day to day basis, he knows where the information comes from and what is the effort required to master it, but he is not ready to make an effort. It is treated as a waste of time and one boasts of possessing the capability of handling any situation with the knowledge and expertise he always possesses. Misconceptions and fallacies have been close friends of professionals who indulged in deceit and are keen to make a success out of it.

The failsafe content creation for official and even unofficial knowledge based engagements means owning a failsafe knowledge base. You know the core areas of your functioning and you keep on building upon it. Most of the times it would give you a feeling that you are indulging in futile work. It might not be today’s or tomorrow’s work, but you also know it would be needed in future. Who is the world does not need to prepare for the rainy day? If the rainy does not happen, you will still be the most knowledgeable one for all professional requirements. An asset!

Those who prespire in peace don’t bleed in war. This is an ongoing preparation for an ongoing requirement. The ultimate trait is when you are able to make out what should be exact nature of preparation for the concerned meeting. The cut and dry facts and the narrative. The connects. The contextual intelligence which comes out of the backend knowledge repository you carry on you and by keeping improving the knack of culling out the right information, which you have developed out of moving in and out of such situations.


Sanjay Sahay

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