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The most used word globally this year has been lockdown and it would keep haunting each one who has gone through this ordeal for rest of his life. The most unfortunate part about this world is that lockdown is treated as an administrative decision and not a scientific one. Politics, mindsets, attitudes and ignorance have all peppered decisions, which people are bound to comply and has finally created the cocktail of corona, in which we are forced to live. Lots of orders are even left without proper compliance. This is another dimension which adds to the complexity of whole the problem. Dealing with administratively and politically is fraught with consequences which we cannot even imagine of. Some are visible.

Given the widespread ramifications of this health crisis, economy is always brought as a successful cover, in favour of unlocking. Endless lockdown can completely ruin the economy. There is also the bandwagon of mental health which is used at times. So in the whole mechanism, the criticals missed out are; full and complete empirical / objective analysis, contextual intelligence, earlier successful scientific epidemic management models etc. A Health Intelligence Authority of experts of every type is needed with no non-scientific inputs, should give the final directive which has be to followed in word and spirit. The body needs to operate in a dynamic and real time mode, incorporating the learning on a constant basis.

The impact of every directive, the way it is executed on the ground has to be learned in an iterative manner, making the system more and more robust with every passing day. The numbers dashboard will lose it charm if a highly qualitative back end; brick and mortar tedious work does not happen. The War Room literally has to handle a war, it is nearly sure that this is a invisible war, the global spread and the devastating impact can pale a real war, in the effort and complexity of its handling. The War Room is just an outward manifestation of a well thought out strategy being executed in the theaters of this war. Have we been able to understand and appreciate that this is a real war of a different kind, but has to be handled with the same deftness.

Given the data on spread, the nature of spread, the nature of habitation, the numbers that can be handled in different facilities, details of healthcare professionals, the data on successful models in other areas / countries and similar other critical information, a formula of lockdown can be evolved. Once that is evolved, all the stakeholders will know threshold and would work with clarity. The formula would also provide for remedial action on all fronts. All frontline workers can be trained accordingly. They would also be regularly briefed of the real life scenario, so that the can prepare themselves mentally. Bringing positivity can be a part of the same formula. It can be additionally worked out. Bringing data, technology, humans, intense supervision and succour both to the patients and care givers is the vision statement of this formula.


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