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This phenomenon of lateral entry into the real world has been happening for quite sometime, it has generally never been the other way round. It started with the silver screen where those cine super successes made entry into other worlds and some made huge success. With the vast majority skills did not match, but got access to the world of power, while maintaining big/small screen charm. Then it went onto the electronic media and now with the social media, the story is complete. The enormous visual power they exert 24/7 can make or mar people. Of late most of the personalities created to the physical world have their backdoors here.

People who could not make head or tail out of their lives and may not have the caliber to change for the better or have scant respect for hard work, have found this to be the ideal route. Few appearances on any hot or persisting topic of they day, can make you a darling of the electronic and social media. They feed on each other and these guys know how to feed on them. Nobody is bothered about who the person actually is and if they have find any new flimsy thing later, it would feed into another cycle of Breaking News industry, as news has been dead long time back. The death of an actor has been able to create celebrities on a regular basis, for reasons best known to the channels, social media and the masses. Every act is to provoke and sensationalise and that has become our staple food.

Digital marketing has made way to every part of human existence. Elections are no exceptions. On the contrary, it has become the playground of high end technology and their high flying masters lash out at sentiments and emotions of the voters as if they are guinea pigs in a video game. What we are feeding the world with and what they actually need? The success is a real world success and the protagonists transform into path finders of the masses. Not only do they get a bountiful harvest of power etc, the demigods of digital marketing also are declared as political strategists and their business and sometimes even political future is assured.

Life mediated by the screen has become the real life. Whosoever can manipulate the screen is the person, who gets more eyeballs. Eyeballs means more public domain presence. The practitioners know how best to encash the public domain presence and memory recall. What was till other day a virtual persona has now out beaten the physical persona.! And this is here to stay. Everybody gains with least amount of effort, that too flimsy, though they might feel they are doing hard work. Whatever little they could have done with their dispassionate energy, they spent it on managing the social media, which unfortunately happens to be a 24/7 engagement, where you yourself are the publisher.


Sanjay Sahay

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