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A pall of gloom has wrapped the country. There is nobody who is not impacted by death or a brush with it. The Pandemic Purge is surging menacingly all over. Even with the best of our efforts nobody is able to able of  focus on anything else. National mourning we are already in, whether the government declares or feels that way or not. For once there can be a national mourning for the common man who is losing his life for no fault of his and for his relatives and friends who have to undergo an experience worse than death. Unaccountability for long been the second name of Indian democracy and self-certification its prefix.

That somebody would die for want of oxygen is unacceptable, whatever might be the situation. It’s not Hiroshima or Nagasaki which just happened and not even the Bhopal gas leak. No oxygen for the patient when the country seems to have it within its borders. Where hospital administration begs for it and hoarding goes on unchecked. How do the governments connect in times of crisis, nobody knows? Actually, they do or they don’t have become crystal clear this time round, at a phenomenal human cost. With oxygen out of the scene, there is no purpose to have the bed and hospital entry gets closed. The road post death is equally tricky, the crematoriums have their own story to tell for the next thousands of years.

Had the gusto which the political class inclusive of workers displayed for elections, rallies, leaders visits and party conventions been displayed now, even with half its vigor, they would have redeemed a bit of their totally lost plot/ground. That apart the spokesperson keeps batting for the indefensible every evening. The helplines are themselves in need of help. No one knows how we manage our helplines. Same is the case of the oxygen supply chain management and of the critical drugs. The Government seems to have abdicated its role. The real heros are working selflessly from hospitals to cremation grounds and even supplying free food. Democracy has failed us; every govt., every party and every institution. That our rulers can’t do anything or will do anything is the real pall of gloom that has descended on this country.

Together all parties and governments have made a mockery of cooperative federalism. The tone and tenor of their cooperation can put any governance structure in a tailspin. The communication between them is even more intriguing, through social media platforms, open letters and tv channels. This is the fate of governmental communication mechanisms in this country. We have seen what Twitter Trump did to himself, his party and his country. Bureaucracy has also picked up the traits of its political masters. Real doomsday scenario is when the people, who are sovereign, are literally allowed to rot. What a tragedy that in this pall of gloom, different wings of democracy are trying to prove their worth by hollow pronouncements. Scary, it is still an emerging situation.


Sanjay Sahay

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