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Plagiarism is not a new phenomenon, but its rampant growth in the last decade with the onset of large-scale digital resources, has slowly created a plagiarized mindset in a whole generation. This type of a prevalent mindset reflects all over the place in two very clear-cut stands; one is that there is nothing wrong in copying anything or not disclosing the source or proactively hiding it and the second is a very serious belief that no one writes original. Life is full of contradictions; we have been crying hoarse regarding the non-availability of knowledge resources and the information put everything on the platter. What have we done with it? There is a feeling that we have cheated this age so full of knowledge, scientific and literary promises.

Is it a tragedy that this age that it creates very  few writers or thinkers of immense depth? With so much political churning since we became independent, we barely have any political thinker we can boast of. The ease of copying and the complete absence of stigma pertaining to this act, has taken away creativity and ingenuity out of the supposedly well-educated class. If you take it a step further, it is impacting our capability to even think. If creativity can be *safeguarded only by law and suing people, then the digital world would keep providing avenues of negating it. For business purposes it’s fine but for day-to-day existence, how many can get into the legal trajectory of life.

*Plagiarism to piracy has been the route, where it will take us, nobody has any idea.* We remember the pirated books on the pavements of Connaught Place, Delhi, in our college days. That was for hand to mouth living, now it has become the prevailing mindset amongst people who have sufficient resources. The mindset is deep seated that when DailyPost appeared out of nowhere, there were few of its readers who kept on researching for months together to find out as to where it is being copied from. The crooked mindset had not taught them that this quality of writing cannot be copied and that too day after day. Today, it has become difficult to find even a ppt which is end to end original.

Creating your own narrative of anything is not even in the realm of imagination. Creating something worthwhile for the world to gain can be the only way we can keep on enriching our existence. If we go by the total number of DailyPost till yesterday, it is 6,62,968 words strong; a knowledge repository where everyone has something to gain from. On the other hand we have a website www.postmyarticles.com which has been copying quite a few of  these articles at will. It epitomizes the extreme form of A Plagiarized Mindset. This is the age we live in.  If the same effort is made in creating / writing something original, for sure the world would become a lot more creative, innovative and for sure more liveable.


Sanjay Sahay


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