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Max Tegmark in his book Life 3.0 on Artificial Intelligence, splits life into three stages; Life 1.0 – hardware and software are evolved over generations, Life 2.0 -software is designed (through learning) and Life 3.0, hardware also develops. Life seems to come under control. While Life 3.0 is our future, the world is moving towards its next version – the programmable world. From writing software codes to running machines to compute efficiently, we are on the verge of programming the world. It would be a long-drawn effort, the contours and time both unknown, but the direction is very clear. Metaverse and Web 3.0 will make it happen.

How much of the world did we control till now, I will leave it to your imagination? The typical elements of software will become a part of our day-to-day world. They bring control, customization and automation. These would be enmeshed in the world around us. You would be able to command the world to meet your individual needs. How different would it be from the world we live in? The experiences would be under your control. Enterprises would be able to build and deliver these experiences. Necessarily, they will have to reinvent their own operations as slowly the world will become more like the internet.

What will happen to the already proliferated technologies? An ambient and persistent layer would be added throughout the environment through the advances made in the fields of natural language processing, computer vision and edge computing. 5G roll out globally would fuel this giant technological leap through low power, low potency connected devices. Extensive research is on to even more transformative technologies; like AR glasses, new kinds of smart materials and even programmable matter. The change is the world of tomorrow would be conspicuous by the tectonic shift; ”from bringing digital experiences into the physical world to creating physical environments and experiences that are digital.”

To move into this new world and be business ready for it, the business enterprises would have to gain a deep understanding of the three layers of the programmable world in the making; the Connected, the Experiential and the Material. The true promise to life of IoT would happen with these emerging technologies. The world will be brought online as never before. The next layer would be Experiential. Data thus collected from IoT / edge devices, will get processed at 5G speeds and with digital twins will be the core constituent of this layer. The digital twin market is growing at a phenomenal pace. AR forms another core component of this layer. The final layer of the programmable world is material. On-demand and hyper-customised products would be a reality. ”New kinds of smart materials and programmable matter, which can change physical properties on demand, will make it possible to customize products after production.” The post industrial revolution phase has just begun.

Sanjay Sahay

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