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The web is in for a transformational change and the organic relationship with the web, we have developed over the years, is in for a transformational change. A recent research says that we stand at a unique precipice. There would be a need for a competitive vision for enterprises to define their research, product and the growth trajectory. And more importantly, how well they place the individual, in this new and highly evolved tech platter. Technology has started pointing us in this direction but we have to do the rest. The individual who is at the center of the internet universe, will be transformed into a totally different world, on the same internet, but literally unrecognizable compared to what it is today.

The digital capabilities in the last decade and earlier have been built for the internet of today. We have found it to be flawless, seamless, dynamic and ever giving, more so during the pandemic times. But the reality is that the sites and platforms which add value are disparate. Interoperability still remains an enigma. Data portability is just an assumption as it stands today. Even with the COVID-19 digital immersion most of us spend more time “offline” than online. By default, we have learnt to live with constraints we don’t even realize. The last time the internet went through a humongous shift as we expect in the next decade, saw small individual businesses transform into internet titans. The Amazons, Netflixs and the Googles. The table is once again set for this game changing transformation.

The internet is set to change. Instead of viewing it as a disparate set of sites and apps, metaverse envisions a persistent 3D environment. The biggest change is that life in the digital world transforms from 2D to 3D. It will have its own sense of place. Moving from work to a social platform would be as simple as crossing the street. Everything has to be built for the new digital man; platforms, products and services. The use cases have to be identified and new business models need to be created. This is easier said than done. The new version of the internet suggests ”immersive digital-only worlds as well as a deeper blurring between digital and the physical.” The battle is on two fronts, re-platforming of digital experience on metaverse and Web3 reinventing how data moves through the system.

An example of the new metaverse is to see how BMW is using Nvidia’s Omniverse platform to build digital twins of 31 different factories. Metaverse would provide a more unified digital experience for you tomorrow and Web3 would change the way we treat data. It will facilitate establishing provenance, veracity and value. What will emanate out of it, is trust across the web and also a great level of control over your data. It will let you ”own” a pair of digital shoes or securely authenticate their identities. The convergence of metaverse and Web3 will do the magic. For the real experiences to happen the new digital world should have an underlying data foundation that guarantees trust, safety and choice. What all do we need to make it happen; cloud, apps with microservices architectures, APIs, defining services & platforms for metaverse, skills – 3D artists, game designers, multiple blockchains, its relationships, the list can go on and on.

Sanjay Sahay

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