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 Secrecy, privacy & confidentiality are basic human requirements & has been mandated by law globally . Secrecy seems to have a negative connotation, though it is the first step to lots of transactions; personal, professional & otherwise. On this first building block comes privacy & confidentially which had immense sanctity till the world changed with 9/11, for better or for worse, which only future can decide.  Old concepts got decimated & an era of free for all emerged.  Today we face the biggest challenge privacy & confidentiality.

Mat Honan, a correspondent with the leading computer magazine Wired, lost his complete digital footprint, when an unknown hacker took fancy for his Twitter handle name. Hacking at one end & at the other end, the connects public databases can throw up & inferences they provide, is beyond imagination.  The metadata adds to the issue in a humungous manner with immense clarity & detailing.

 With connects of the public databases & communication details, voice or any form of data communication with the private databases of IT services giants, the story is more than complete . All this can happen without getting into hacking which Mat Honan faced.  Your movements, frequency of calls, period of stay, transactions, holidaying, functions, events, social media usage & its detailing can baffle you out of your wits by its analysis.  Only an analysis of your contacts, all across social media & the digital world can give a picture of your personality much better the best of the CVs & introductions can do.

 Privacy settings are barely used by us.  In our tearing hurry to use the utility, the most important tool in the hand of the user is lost. In case of a default setting being public, which is the case mostly, the damage is immense & without our knowledge, when  we have  an impression that the data is private.  It’s time that law catches up with an environment when the asset is not in physical control of the owner . Or else, the system build so meticulously over centuries may just crumble, the signs seem to be emerging.


Sanjay Sahay

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