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 A word rarely used, even more seldom understood but such people make a difference to the society in unimaginable ways, to the extent that most of our manifestations are an end result of such people . Besides people, institutions, systems et al also are influencers in their own way.  The dominant influencers finally create a psyche, a thought process & finally an ecosystem for all of us to live, thrive & move ahead in life.  The predominant influencers over a period of time also create a predominant system which becomes the status quo; extremely difficult to change.

 Either we influence or get influenced is the adage, there are no fence sitters in game however much we feel ourselves to be empirical & objective . From teachers to spiritual gurus; each having there area of influence interspersed with modern business entrepreneurs / innovators; life at the end of the day for the society, is what is created as perception for the maximum of the lot.  Religions started in that manner & as an institution & a thought process influence humanity the most.

 It’s an urge to influence & as a human being; we derive the maximum satisfaction out of it.  To get the competencies, life’s experience, strength of conviction & charisma to do so is another story.  They also become the role models.  The ecosystem decides on the nature of influencers we give heed to  & the influencers change the ecosystem as well.  The innovators of the Silicon Valley are a case in point.

 In an obscurantist society the religious leaders hold sway.  The democratic societies have their own set of influencers.  The Greek philosophers have influence even to this day.  Thinkers have done their bit to change the world.  Anna Hazare influenced temporarily as he touched upon the raw nerve of this nation. It’s a battle of super mature minds & their demonstrated capability reflected by their own life & acts which influences people.  They change the world.


 Sanjay Sahay

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