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It’s not only the entry level quality of engineering graduates that is plaguing the IT industry, it’s lack of later talent / skill acquisition and diversification which is turning out to be a serious lag. It cuts across different IT specialities and emerging areas. It has been prevalent across time and continues to be so. Beneath the lots of missed deliverables of the IT industry & the country has been lack of cutting age talent and expertise.

The National Cyber Security Policy 2013 talked of the need of half a million jobs / professionals. Given the burgeoning nature of Cyber Security, it is safe to presume that the real requirement might be much more. In the last few years at best we would have produced some thousands of Cybersecurity professionals. The need remains unmet and we are not able to make any dent in the worsening cyber security scenario. This business is this sector lands into US & Israeli MNC hands.

The same trend continues in the flavor of the day, the most sought after IT professional that is Data Scientists. While there is lot of hype and talk about it, but where is the Data Scientist. Where are they honing the skills and where are delivering their products / services. The more interdisciplinary the expertise the lesser are the chances of getting high quality professionals, who deliver. And certainly not in numbers which can change the dynamics of IT industry and the country. The lack of Data Scientists eats into the competitive edge of large number of companies and sectors.

And now the million dollar question. #Why the Indian IT companies never got into the product mode?* While we put the onus on the companies doorstep, who knows they did not get into product development because the lack of talent. If there is free flowing talent somewhere it would have sparked into a product. There can be no product without talent. Is it true conversely as well. Talent unbound is product.


Sanjay Sahay

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