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Words have no meaning, its their string representing your thoughts which give meaning to it. The depth of both the language and the domain and their regular usage for a contextual purpose adds clarity to the communication. Whether, written or oral, purpose of communication hinges on clarity. Undeniably, today most of our communication is superfluous for lack of clarity and as a consequence not being cogent. Does a techie need this skill? It is also a reality that in the software templated professional life, lot of this weakness is camouflaged. At your progress in your professional life, clarity in communication becomes a critical skill, propeling you to a different level.

The story is even more interesting of the communication scenario in the public domain. The electronic media is fueled by unclear communication by political and other leaders. The added advantage the anchors have on lack of clarity is that they can twist in the manner they feel. It’s always goes the TRP way. They also provide the opportunity to the adversary or other stakeholders to react to the unclear statement and then the fun starts. At the end of the day it is jigsaw puzzle, which nobody is able to sort out. That is reason why you are no way wiser at the end.

We spend lots of time trying to interpret documents and communication. Huge amount of precious time is lost for this purpose and quite often it leads to frictions and operational & legal tangles. A thread of emails can pose immense challenges with few unclear ones in between. If we were to create an email museum, the clarity in communication of today’s professional world will be laid threadbare.

Maintaining clarity in a range of documents from an innocuous email to a detailed project report is not an easy game. It will take time and effort and one has be ready for that. It is certainly not synonymous to being good in a language. Clarity is oral communication is even more challenging and more often than not a professional has to make the generalist or the layman understand and tilt the opinion / decision in his favour.


Sanjay Sahay

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