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The genie is out in the open & is catching speed with every passing day. The results are astounding & is making a phenomenal difference to our quality of life / decision making & economic growth. The aggregator story of instant aggregation is making success stories unheard off. This is the story of the Ubers, Airbnbs & Booking.coms of the world, defining our new world. These aggregators simultaneously create & aggregate, while putting the utility in the market. They keep improving the upon the utility& it’s usage; user experience.

From silos to collaboration is the present stage of human development. Collaboration is aggregation in data terms, delivering benefits, which cannot be deciphered on the face of it. Aggregation is disruption. Disruptive Innovation is the prime mover of the futuristic world. The Googles have an uncanny knack of using data. Coming out of various sources, since it’s existence, today it is adding up into endless correlations & predictions, delivering one of its kind business insights. Google has developed immense capabilities in transforming these insights into business. This is the future of business. Business prosperity is the aggregation of multifarious databases & the usage of Big Data & AI tools on it.

CERN’s world’s largest particle physics laboratory is a marvel in data aggregation. Great research findings are emanating out of this exercise. More & more high end humungous research & applications have to base on this methodology, from genome to path breaking astronomy. While shining path breaking examples serve as role models; mindset & imagination come in way.

The philosophy, theory & practice of aggregation has still to gain roots & acceptence. It seems to too intangible to understand & more incomprehensible to practice. If data is the most valuable asset today, aggregation is the jewel in the crown. This is the beginning of the Big Data to Artificial Intelligence journey. Unfortunately, world’s most data is passive; in what we call as datatombs or at best siloed existence.


Sanjay Sahay

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