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IT giants rule the world as technology permeated into every aspect of our life inclusive of sentiments & emotions. With Microsofts and Apples dealing with brick & mortar of the IT world, the social media; Facebooks & What’sapps have completely redefined social interaction in every possible way. Sometimes hardware / software / app wreck havoc in unison, sometimes independent of each other. Whatever might be nature of outcome on society is immaterial, crash commercialization rules.

Cyber Security has got transformed into the direct security of citizens, public order & social order issue. This changed reality has to be understood and the IT companies would will have to be made to understand. One prime example is of the San Bernardino case, in which 14 were killed and 22 injured, in a mass killing terror attack. iPhone 5 had to be cracked & Apple refused on grounds of privacy likely misuse of the script written for this purpose. *US agencies did not carry the legal battle beyond the district court. It was sorted out via media through some other company. The problem continues.

ISIS scripted major part of its extraordinary indoctrination strategy on social media. Govts failed in stalling it, as the IT giants paid lip service to the anti-terror world tirade. Anonymous, a hacking group, disabled hundreds of ISIS Twitter handles. The same story goes on in multifarious ways. How much the US Presidential elections 2016 was impacted by hacks, social media manipulation will remain a matter of conjecture. Facebook – Cambridge saga is a fact; potency on display. Govts got satisfied by Zuckerberg’s platitudes. Camouflage publicity instead of tweaking codes. No change.

Consistency in making cash registers ringing, sub-zero social commitment & platitudes for action is the business model. Fake news / WhatsApp / mob lynching connection is straight & conspicuous. Today’s nationwide advisory in the ad format is in the genre of the same platitude.


Sanjay Sahay

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