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The pangs are already being felt, it would aggravate is no brain teaser. Automation is raising its head like a dinosaur, with automation finding a new meaning & dimension, though we have hearing of this for ages. The white collar jobs of today would soon meet a fate worse than that of blue collar ones. Is it not a doomsday prophecy for the back office of the world, when the whole back office goes on the AI mode? So can be the case of the call center industry, nobody knows when it will come crashing down. The optimists & the pessimists have their own points of view.

The world has faced such tumultuous technological changes earlier as well and has come out of unscathed. New jobs will crop up out of the blue& life would move on. The pessimists find it to be a disruption which has world seem & is unable to imagine. The radiologists might evaporate into thin air. Today, this course commands the highest capitation fees. It’s a topsy turvy world we are getting into. But there is a method in the madness.

Max Tegmark in his book Life 3.0 talks of three parameters: 1) does it require interacting with people & using social intelligence, 2) does it involve creativity & coming up with clever solutions and 3) does it require working in an unpredictable environment? The more the answers are YES to these questions, the more likely is the chance of your survival and growth. The educational system at the backend might needs a complete overhaul. The govt. polices also have fall in place.

Overawed we are even to react. Nobody is aware of the pace. All industries & govts have to take stock of the situation. The ground under your feet might just slip away. Global AI solutions will not give time to respond. Let’s review where we are and respond, react & take to the drivers seat.


Sanjay Sahay

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