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DailyPost 425


AI is hogging the limelight as no other technology in the recent times with with a mixed bag of optimism & fears. AI as no other technology earlier needed to guided both govts, policy makers & researchers alike, to keep it on track, so that it remains beneficial for mankind. There seems to be a near unanimity amongst researchers on the roadmap, how soon that gets appreciated by govts. & policy makers is the moot question. Or as usual they would miss the bus. UN which has been playing a pivotal role in areas of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons can take the lead in creating a global public opinion and also in making worthwhile policy / technical documents,!which the world can follow.

There is no denying the fact that in the near term AI would improve our personal lives, make power grids and financial institutions more efficient. Self driving cars will bring down fatalities considerably. Surgical bots & AI based diagnosis systems would take health care & surgical intervention to a totally different level. What is critical is, it should do, what we want it to do. What is important is tough technical problems pertaining to verification, validation, security & control has to ironed to our satisfaction. Robustness is the name of the game.

This could decide the fate of autonomous weapons systems with a capability of assassinations & ethnic cleansing. To make legal system more fair & transparent, robojudges can be used. Can the legal system support this. What would happen to privacy & liability issues. Also what would be the regulation mechanism. Nearly all sectors would get affected in a similar fashion.

With intelligent machines replacing is what would be the job scenario & consequent wealth distribution. Can people find a purpose & fulfillment in life without regular jobs. As of now, there are negligible chances of AI reaching human levels. Future is not ours to see, what will be, will be, they say. But preparation for a different world starts now.


Sanjay Sahay

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