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It might just of possible that you would be hearing of an AI (artificial intelligence) factory, it is not strange as AI’s presence is being felt only from sometime ago. In precise terms, it was with the release of ChatGPT, and then it was lapped phenomenally lapped by the world. It seemed as if the world has been waiting for it, for long. Lots of other technical advancements, it seems have been at the cusp of transformation, waiting for the AI / AGI trigger to happen, and that has happened with the onset of ChatGPT. All the naysayers have been laid to rest. From the chip, compute to the algorithm had all been waiting for it.

While we keep talking of TSMC endlessly, Nvidia has been leading the charge quite consistently. Jensen Huang from Nvidia has recently talked about mindboggling AI being unleashed by his company. We are in the Intelligence Age. He says that Nvidia has improved computer graphics by 1000 times in five years. Ray tracing; simulating the characteristics of light and materials was the ultimate accelerated challenge six years ago. The pace of rendering images has changed so exponentially, that today it does not look like a problem as all. The journey has been from CPU to CUDA GPU to RTX GPU and now Nvidia is announcing Nvidia Ace Avatar Cloud to take us to a different world.

Digital Avatar capabilities can keep us at our wits end. Speech recognition, text-to-speech, natural large understanding (LLM way), using the sound and expression to animate your gestures etc would be completely trained by AI and rendered by Ray tracing. Computer industry software will no longer be programmed by software engineers, it would be done by computer engineers working with AI supercomputers. These AI supercomputers are a new type of factory. Like we have a car factory or computer factory today, every single major company will have AI factories. This is where you will build and produce your company’s intelligence.

Intelligence becomes the world’s lubricant. Generative AI will be the reigning deity. Reinforcement learning as a tool has been mindboggling. Comprehensive and all-pervasive multi-modality in AI will emerge, all traits are very visible now. Maxine 3D running on the Nvidia Grace Hopper Superchip can enable 3D video conferencing on any device. Omniverse Cloud will transform the world of manufacturing through digital twins, distance is disappearing totally, iterations are happening on the fly and collaboration of a different type is around the corner. Omniverse Factory Explorer does the magic. If the whole world of manufacturing is impacted in a tectonic manner, imagine its monumental change on human life.

Sanjay Sahay

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