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The social media and life are full of claims and false claims for professional and personal life. We see heros falling by the wayside, created in thin air in a make-believe world. There are more influencers than the influenced and we have more celebrities than the ones who would celebrate them. Not that it is new phenomenon, the age-old CVs have also been a marketing gimmick, mostly ripped apart at the first whiff of hot air. That things have got accentuated in every field is widely accepted. The politicians, bureaucrats, celebrities are weaving a make-believe world out of nowhere and ruling the public domain.

Exaggeration and camouflage have become the order the day. It is not even looked with suspicion; others are encouraged to do it even better. Getting cut off from the harsh reality of this country is what we all aspire, and can to go to any extent to achieve it, while claiming to the contrary. How do we understand these tricksters who have made the public domain their habitat, decide its trajectory the they what and also the parameters on which their greatness needs to be decided; number of followers et al. Hyperbole India is the best way to describe this country. Are we born to duped or is there is way out to sort them out.

The formula is very simple. They have to mapped for their expertise first, followed by what are their regular activities. Based on their activities we can make out; the time spend for these. What is qualitative or otherwise? If we were to get the time spend for each of these, we will get a fair idea as to what the 24 hours looks like for that gentleman. Time mapping explains large part of our existence, how do we make the best out of 24 hours is the challenge thrown to every single individual on earth. If he is able to clear to this level, then we come to the utility mapping? How best has his expertise to activity to time to utility to the society work out? Is it in society’s favor?

We can have a check list of the utility which comes out of the activities of these public domain characters. The horoscope of each of these guys would become crystal clear by this mapping. If some precision is to be added, we can add impact as well. This exercise can be done by those in the public domain themselves or by independent researchers as well. This will show mirror to the factory of manicured personas, which are dotting every inch of our public space and public mind as well. Can we bring sanity into our public life and the public domain or would we be taken on a roller coaster by whosoever wanting to literally abuse the public domain.

Sanjay Sahay


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