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AI is fast changing the living landscape around the world; it is bound to become much more exponential as things go by. Fake news and the crude forwards on WhatsApp and other mediums are creating havoc. Simple cut and paste and some low end photoshop have been wrecking the world. How gullible we are, we can find from the number of victims falling prey every day. If everything Cambridge Analytica could incur so much of damage without making use of AI as we understand today, what can current AI tools do, to make identity an unknown commodity. Identities can played around with as no one’s business.

Just one example would prove the point; in the backdrop of the Russia Ukraine War, there was a deepfake video of Zelensky in which he was ready to surrender. Back home we had picture of agitating wrestlers smiling after getting detained. How many of the criminals, manipulators, tricksters, even poll strategists would be more than thrilled to used fake videos, voices and lots of other multimedia content to make their goals, however nefarious it might be, to be achieved with ease? Creating trust through fake is the name of game, and then you can achieve anything. If you don’t reach that great milestone, still you can wreck many a things.

Efforts to create AI enabled fake news would be minimal, might be in minutes over phone. It would become extremely difficult to differentiate between the true and fake, making it the most dangerous weapon. Think of video where Nehru appears admitting his mistakes? A three second clip is enough to do nuisance. During elections in Delhi a deepfake video of Manoj Tiwari circulated in which he was speaking in Haryanvi. 47% in India became victims of voice scams as per McAfee report, much more than the global average of 25%. If AI enabled near precision voice is used, what would be the fate of our population. Executing defamation would become so simple.

In China, AI was used to impersonate a friend of the victim on video call to receive $622,000. Expressions can also be changed in few clicks. You can keep creating criminal use cases. What if AI is used for rumour mongering in this manner, from stock market to anything. Deepfake celebrity videos can now happen to anybody, with AI ease and precision. Deepfake porn is also likely to take the world by storm. Revenge and porn would be a heady cocktail. Sure, AI can also be used to debunk fake news, but so far who has been on the top? Fake news or fake news busters. Tough times ahead. Geoffrey Hinton, father of AI talks of it as an ”existential threat.”

Sanjay Sahay

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