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The eco-tech journey is the desired route to be taken by any developing county, more so for a country which is most populous in the world and also aspires to be a world leader. A superpower in the making. A tech warhorse. It is generally believed that we know where we intend to reach, the challenge is whether we know route and have the wherewithal to reach there. Unfortunately, but for lip service, are we even interested in reaching there? Are we at the* cusp of being a country with the shortest possible goals* and that you when it serves your own interest?

When the vast majority are working to take care of their own interests, while camouflaging it to be the nations, how far can we go? We are not engaging with either any of futuristic narratives; tech / finance or changing path of eco development and we have also left in the wilderness, the known and nagging problems of the day, leave aside the festering wounds of yesteryears, which have monstrous with the passage of time. This is the state of ’Negative Nirvana’ which we have blessed with and live with, detrimental to the nation and for each one of us.

How did this Negative Nirvana happen? What brought this country to this crossroads? While there are sectors after sectors, each capable enough to decide their fate of growth or decadence, there is one area which decides for us all or impacts us in a manner that we cannot get over it. And that is politics. Today, Indian politics is truly at crossroads, and it going deeper down the drain with every passing day. The current episode in Maharashtra very clearly depicts the rot, how far can they go for their own vested interest. It proves that nothing else matters, and people need not be given the respect of even bystanders or spectators.

India is at crossroads as the ones who are mandated to decide its fate and take it there, have decided to take care of their fate only. There is no marriage of the fate of the two. People are at cross roads; elections, democracy and governments are not delivering for them. The have lost faith in the current dispensations and the scheme of things, but what do they do? Seeing no succour, they have seemingly left everything to fate, while battling it out in their day to day life. We are desperately trying to find a glimmer of hope. The hype of hope in fashion has been built up for the powers that be.

Sanjay Sahay

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