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When we all thought that there better ways of fortifying than a wall and that the Great Wall of China has more of wonder value rather than a security value, Trump decided to gift American people with a wall. The greatest wall of modern times on the American Mexican border. Touted as the panacea to all issues with Mexico from immigrants to drugs, it has been on poll manifesto and still remains extremely dear to the President’s heart. This is the wall in the midst of American politics and governance. And lack of governance. Government Shutdown, already in the 15 day does seem to be getting to normal work in the near future.

That American politics one day would revolve around a wall was not in the wildest imagination of anybody across the globe. Nobody know whether this is Trump’s original idea or he has borrowed from any adversary, because it is impacting as an adversary would want. This hundreds of miles 30 foot wall at an estimated ranging between $12 billion as declared during the campaign to $70 billion as per Senate Democrats’ report. The figure may be anywhere in between. Can tunnels be built below it? The details are yet to be frozen and so is the costing, project timelines and like! But Trump remains as belligerent as ever.

The Great Wall of China has been rebuilt, maintained and enhanced over various dynasties; the majority of the existing wall is from the Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644). A different day and age and a different governance mechanism. Can democracy bereft of discussion? Do experts have no place in democratic functioning? Can countries be governed only on expertise of the elected representatives? Do manifestos have any rationale? Don’t we need checks & balance like manifesto vetting? Or kite flying before and after elections can become the order of the day?

Fanciful ideas have no place in democracy. Even if it is to be attempted it can happen after fulfilling all the necessary requirements of the whole population, which is not going to happen in the foreseeable future even in most developed of the nations. The healthiest thing to happen to any democracy wound be decide the agenda of the nation through the most broad based process with immense inputs from experts. Whichever govt comes to power should complete the minimum agreed program before venturing into anything new.


Sanjay Sahay

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