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The old differentiation between official and personal work has always been there and so have been the approaches to the two types of work. Might be it’s believed that official work should not be done with a personal touch. The complete remorseless materialism sort of an approach to official work has brought large number of organizations to near decadency, they survive only because the ecosystem allows for that. On standalone objective audit at global standards, it would be difficult to prove their worth.

In the mammoth maze of rules, SOPs, compliances, management processes, explanations and defences, if no serious effort is made to maintain the spirit of work, the only loser is the goal, the purpose, for which the organization was created. The stress and strain of official work emanates out of this purposeless timeliness and fulfillment of targets and goals, which are treated as numbers to be grabbed and not as fulfillment and achievement. There is radical difference in the quality of work if he or she is an entrepreneur, official work / business becomes personal work or a seamless synthesis of the two.

Being impressed by the nature of work most entrepreneurs do, when asked about it, all without an exception will tell you they are doing their own work, so it’s fine. This is strikingly juxtaposed to official work, which an employee performs. From the mindsets which these two groups, it is generally felt that it is taboo to treat official work as personal work. It is contrary to enterprise management concepts that part of the office work has been parceled to you and you are the owner. Ownership of work defines the marked difference in approaches to these two types of work and these two most basic roles of anybody’s existence.

The approach to works defines the work, it increasing utility and sustainability. At the core of it all is effort calculation and involvement, tying yourself to the final result and holding oneself accountable to it. It is strange but true, a paradox par excellence, that the same person sees his efforts and results from two different lenses. With the result unknown, the humungous effort one makes to clear a recruitment process, in the job little extra effort is seen as a huge sacrifice. The unknown pains in the unknown art of grooming a child is all well known. But that’s parenting an act / process which cannot be compared. So it be!


Sanjay Sahay

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