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If you hear a fascinating name from any on the known and to be known IT companies, be rest assured it has something to do with Artificial Intelligence and more often that not, it turns out to be a large language model. What OpenAI and ChatGPT have revolutionized would not the last word in the story of LLMs, it is just the beginning. Even accepting the fact it is tectonic, the way the AI LLM race is hotting up, it would not be a fairy tale imagination that something 10X might be round the corner, and not necessarily, from stables of OpenAI.

Amazon has just announced it new AI platform, Bedrock, which is taking the world by storm. An IT behemoth entering this area certainly holds promise both for the technology and also for the final users, who cannot be indefinitely satisfied by a generic tool, however good it might be. Amazon’s CEO says that the company has been for years been democratizing this technology so that medium and smaller companies can build their stuff quickly and mor affordably. In real terms it means that we will able to access generative AI tools at a much faster and cheaper rate. AWS with its already proven reach can do wonders.

What does the customer / user want? To get the best of both of the worlds. They want to work off a foundational model which is big and great already, but there is an added serious ask. They ask is that they should have the ability to customize it for their own purposes. That is what the Bedrock is. It claims to be easiest way to build and scale AI generative applications with foundation models. It would be through APIs and without the infra headache. This the tool kit which customers generally seem to lap.

You can choose from AI21 Labs, Athropic, Stability AI and Amazon to find the right foundational model for your use case. You have all the liberty to privately customize FMs using your own organization’s data. With AWS being the super platform and service, you use AWS tools and capabilities, that the world is familiar with, to deploy scalable, reliable, and secure generative AI applications. What the world finally makes it own, is the functional model which serves its business interests to the maximum with a business model which suits its pocket, with both robustness and reliability. The LLM war has just begun.

Sanjay Sahay

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